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Some of the most popular Asian countries tend to maintain a consistent, high-quality connectivity of superfast broadband. But it is not the case people face disruption in connectivity due to several reasons.

The broad band’s role as an enabler can never be neglected. Even for smaller business a reliable broad band provide better opportunities to reach the global audience and it decides your pathway between success and failure. Whereas in large scale business reliable connectivity access can prevent issues such as loneliness and social isolations.

Notifying the Challenges of connectivity:

It is highly crucial for Asian countries to invest in broadband infrastructures to reach economical competition as well as meeting the demands of businesses and consumers. With increase in 4G services it is critical for the markets across the region to have the same access to the opportunities it enables.

Through Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology the industry could seek to address these challenges. FTTH opens the door to a wide range of services and applications, both for entertainment and productivity, delivered right to the home or office.



Nearly 90% of households have access to fiber to the home (FTTH) network speeds and 46 percent have subscribed to it. The government is looking to push fiber and 4G coverage nationwide

Something beyond broadband:

While we are looking at the role of fibre in supporting the growth and development of small businesses, and connecting the family and friends abroad, we must also consider the role of mobile coverage as well.



Whether a large building, a crowded area or even a rural region, operators must also consider speedy and reliable mobile phone coverage. Wi-Fi cannot be always available, and sometimes they provides inconsistent access to networks, so for these problems, 4G must be available as a solution for consumers and businesses alike. High-speed fibre broadband and cellular connectivity supports economic growth and ensures an improved quality of life for everyone.

With the subscribers claiming for more bandwidth and high quality of service, network operators continue to look for faster and easier way to deploy high and speedy broadband with fibre playing an important role.










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In case you should be stuck at the passage for two or three hours, the exceedingly incredible open WiFi at Philadelphia International Airport will at any rate enable you to unwind and finish things - better than at most genuine air terminals in the nation.

In new revelations by the Seattle-based Speedtest by Ookla taking after organization, the free WiFi open in all Philadelphia terminals situated second in speed/quality among the 20 U.S. air terminals with the most explorer boardings, beat just by Denver. With an ordinary download speed of appropriate around 50 megabits for each second and an exchange speed truly beating 50Mbs, air terminal guests can without a doubt juggle various PDAs immediately, move thick records with high-res portrayal and photos. In addition, spilling the latest scene of Westworld in high def (or even ultra high def) should be spread smooth, said Ookla content head Isla McKetta.

Philly in like manner is respected with the primary verifiably air terminal foundation of five Xfinity-on-the-Fly parlors, a principle living arrangement liven from Comcast that urges its customers to download TV appears, films, and DVR-got content. While Ookla excluded trial of this choice arrange in its assessments, the Xfinity WiFi decision would have successfully have ensured best-in-class status, with a typical download speed of 101.37 Mbps. "You can download a whole time of a TV game plan in basically an issue of minutes. It's excellent," said Jim Tyrrell, manager pay officer for the Philadelphia plane terminal.

While there isn't much signage around the plane terminal advised customers to the free WiFi, this high ground for PHL "is on our site and we make open address assertions," said Tyrrell. "Moreover, when you open your contraption you get a modified instigate to sign on to the free plane terminal WiFi."

AT&T supplies the organization and revived the framework eighteen months earlier, as a final product of the opportunity to foist a 60-second business on customers "before they sign on." "AT&T uncovers to us it's the second-best WiFi structure they have wherever, second just to the Dallas/Fort Worth air terminal in where they grew up," said Tyrrell.

Ookla insists DFW's top situating in exchange speeds, yet found it truly scored slower than Philadelphia in downloads. What's more, remembering that some security pros make general notification about the risks of using open issue ranges, Tyrrell expressed, "AT&T is awesome. Security cracks have not been an issue here. We've never heard any protestations."

Standard state of mind holds that a mobile phone's sorting out rates are speedier than WiFi. Ookla found the backwards, noted McKetta. WiFi at Philadelphia International Airport and at LaGuardia in New York turned "more than three conditions speedier than their typical cell download speed, and in Miami and Seattle, WiFi is about twice as brisk as cell."

AT&T scored best in cellphone arrange in Philadelphia – yet situated an immaterial fifteenth among the fundamental 20 regions mulled over - with typical speeds of 15 Mbps down, 10 Mbps up. Philadelphia's second-put adaptable provider, Verizon Wireless, evaluated sixth in the "most improved transporter through air terminal" class, figured Ookla. Regardless, ask again later, said Tyrrell: "We've as of late completed an assention for Verizon to put in a DOS – coursed gathering device structure - that will inside and out improve their telephone movements all through the terminals."

Eighty-six thousand voyagers fly through Philadelphia International Airport reliably. While postpone times "have truly gotten shorter, TSA educates everybody flying out with respect to Philly to arrive no under two hours before a private flight and three hours before a worldwide flight. So those are the overall public you have to arrange structures for and keep drew in," Tyrrell said.

Philadelphia International concessionaire OTG's organized foundation of 1,300 "insightful seats" fitted with individual iPads, free-accessibility and seat-side sustenance and savor advantage American Airlines' Terminal B moreover will act the legend of this prisoner social occasion of individuals.

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To state the Network Operations Center (NOC) was an educational affair is understating the obvious.

Including screens as tall as an IMAX theater with continuous maps and system refreshes, NOC is the place the greater part of AT&T's system is checked, and kept up for its full-suite of administrations, be it U-verse TV, rising gadgets, and obviously, the organization's remote system.

Workers at the office screen climate conditions, the status of the organization's administrations, and a great deal more from their work areas, and by looking up at the enormous screens presented previously.

Additional intriguing was a visit to the guts of the office where an enormous room brimming with servers and other hardware get moment reactions when a tower is down, fiber-optic links have been disturbed or some other issue emerges. Whenever advised, the office sends a reaction group to the scene to cure any issue.








All things considered, what intrigued me the most is envisioned at right. What you see is a system observing framework with every plate associated with an AT&T remote gadget.

The gadgets are observed for system speeds, information exchange issues, and a huge number of different remote system concerns. It was inconceivable to see, and shows how much accentuation AT&T puts on guaranteeing all the organization's remote gadgets are functioning as customers anticipate that them will.

Today's visit abandoned me with the feeling that in spite of one's remote system objections, paying little respect to the organization one uses, such a great amount of goes ahead in the background that we typically don't get the chance to witness that our particular protestations are however one of millions got by remote organizations day by day.

Assist, as an AT&T client with an Android gadget, iPhone 4, and 3G iPad administration, it's amazing to see the organization investing plentiful measures of time, vitality, and cash to ensure clients like you and I have quick, solid, remote administration, while tending to protestations which emerge.

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As we depend progressively on wireless contrivances in our day to day lives, the desideratum for typically top notch cellular connection gets to be vital. Moreover, if you get some feedback from mobile owners about the network reception, most might verbally express lost or dropped calls. The issue subsists for numerous clients even with most advanced Smartphone’s accessible today. In all cases, signal booster antennas offer the possibility to transform generally fringe edge signals into puissant signals to our cell phones that we can rely on.

Mobile phone Signal Booster:

The Mobile phone signal boosters are available in car and home assortments. Car signal amplifiers commonly support mount mechanisms, utilizing a top mounted outer aerial. Signal boosters for private business and private provisions likewise utilize directional receiver mounted to the rooftop, situating as immaculately as could towards the nearby network setup towers. These amplifiers are used to re-transmit the signal all around the structure, enhancing signals for everybody inside. An abundance of home and office signal amplifiers offer a variable boost to dial in the impeccable measure of avail without impelling signals to over-burden.

The reason abaft a wireless signal booster system is to get mobile phone signals from a range where the signals are available and transmit it to where you require it – customarily inside your abode or office building. The system intensifies the signal to ensure that it’s perpetually solid enough in the specified range that can enhance cell phone reception.



To enhance mobile phone signals with such a system needs three key components. The first part is the outside aerial, which is put some place near where cell phone signals subsist. When you're looking to enhance mobile phone reception in a building, for example, your domicile, you'd unearth the spot on your top where the signal is most vigorous, and place the antenna there. It's paramount to denude a great spot – the quality of the signal got outside will deduce the go of signals you get inside, so it’s great taking a step backward to a place where the outer antenna precisely.

The outside aerial is joined through the wire to the second branch of the system within, the amplifier. The vital role of the amplifier is to combine the signal to the focal area in a path that it’s solid enough everywhere in the region that you get ameliorated cell phone reception.

The amplifier is joined with the inside aerial that transmits the signals through the space inside your domicile, where it can then be catch by your cell.

The merits of a system are utmost evident– when approximately set up, a cell phone signal booster system dispenses with deplorable signals, trickiness and dead zones and gives a reliably solid cell phone signals inside your building.

Wi-Fi Signal Booster:

One of the most vital reasons for argument, ruminating, and disappointment encompassing wireless internet connections at home and office is dead spots. You are vigilant of such places in your habitation where your wireless router signals never very achieve, much after you've accompanied our consultation on the most proficient method to fortify your Wi-Fi signals.




Possibly the dead spot is in an upstairs room where you might want to stream a kineticism picture to your iPad, or maybe the denotement flat lines in the terrace, where you might love take your iPad. On the contrary, possibly you have a spot in your habitation that is so distant from the switch that, while the Wi-Fi signals there doesn't plenarily bite the dust, it’s impotent to the point that Internet scanning mitigates to a hopeless slither.

Conspicuously, you could connect another contrivance in the most remote arrives at of a domicile or work space with a wired connection, however, unless you authentically need consummately wired celerity, would you genuinely relish to run long, unattractive wires, or utilize the mazuma it might take to wire your habitation for far-flung system connectivity? Withal links to the pool simply don't generally work whatsoever.

Wi-Fi signal boosters sanction the go of wireless Internet and systems administration requisitions to arrive at consummately into more astronomically immense structures and the encompassing regions. Aerial like amplifiers adscititiously accommodates to mitigate components of the structure that stance issues to wireless reception, for example, dihydrogen monoxide warmers and metal bars. The phrase "Signal Booster" in this requisition is conventionally synonymous with "extender," transferring the subsisting Wi-Fi signals from the router to drive it along. Wi-Fi signal boosters typically give between 8 and 12 decibels of additament, with more astonishing support procured utilizing more immensely colossal and more directional mechanisms.

Keep in mind that a signal booster can't engender a signal which is not there. Beyond a certain point, signal enhancers can't furnish many benefits. Perfect uses are when there are perpetually low signals, with a solitary reception bar on your mobile phone. Wi-Fi signal boosters may build the signals to zones you don't require, for example, off your property or into open avenues. Unless you are utilizing fitting security conventions, for example, WPA or Wpa2, there is the peril of a sagacious larcenist capturing your signals.

Cell phone signal booster installation procedure
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A cell phone booster is a contrivance used to boost the cell phone reception to a local area by the utilization of a reception antenna, a signal amplifier and an internal rebroadcast antenna. These are kindred to the cellular broadcast towers utilized by the network providers, but are much more diminutive, customarily intended for one building. Cell phone signal boosters are opportune for commercial buildings as well as astronomically immense homes.

The cell phone signal booster in your sizably voluminous building must include the right equipment, the right design by an expert team, and the right installers who are capable and experienced. At Puissant Signal, we have the best professional installers who offer timely installation anywhere in the Cumulated States and beyond, and we utilize a managed rollout process that ascertains your project is culminated on schedule.

Installation Procedure:

Once you approve our custom-designed cell phone booster solution, we'll immediately schedule your installation. You won't have to wait for months to get your solution put in: Our installers are able to consummate most installations within days or weeks. Our team can move as expeditious as you require them to.

We specialize in configuring custom building booster solutions for use in commercial, industrial and residential buildings up to a range of 500,000 sq. ft.

The process includes:

•    Analysing building coverage assessment and signal booster system design predicated on your project designations.

•    An estimate of Antenna, amplifier and cable distribution configuration and equipment will accurately be handled for review.

•    On-site survey to audit system plan and appraise installation requisites. We will send a technician to visit your site to inspect the building, measure signal coverage and assess the desideratum for any special installation implements or equipment.

•    Provide bill of materials and formal quote for installation. A quote of formal price that includes cost of equipment, installation and any supplemental fees necessary for the project.

•    Install and deploy the system, test and balance signal strengths of uplink/downlink. We hire expert RF technicians who will insure signal amplification coverage in the desired specified areas.

•    We ensure carrier compliance and signal transmissions. The Project completion will include carrier registration and where applicable, remote monitoring.


Here we provide you a consummate installation guide for installing cell phone signal booster:

Preliminary Project Assessment/ Site Evaluation

An evaluation of the wireless environment in which you work in building cellular system will be done by the specialist to determine the reason why you have a dearth of cellular signal within your specified facility. Along with that we will provide you with a technical evaluation and recommendations afore proceedings with your project design assuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the consummate project and the approximate cost involved.

•    Perform testing of cellular signal

•    Prioritize the main areas of concern

•    Evaluation of propagation variables

•    Determination of cable paths and cellular signal booster placement locations

System Engineering & Design

An in building wireless solution concrete to your facility predicated on your long-term plans and objectives will be designed by our professional engineering team. A consummate system schematic depicting cellular signal booster location, cable pathways, and antenna placement will be provided to accommodate the installation process of the system.

Project Scheme

A detailed plan will be conferred by your project manager for review and approbation, and all questions or concerns will be answered offering a consummate understanding of the scope of the project and assuring all prospects will be met.

Professional Installation

Our highly trained expert installation team or punctiliously culled regional certified independent installers will integrate your in building cell phone signal booster system in a technical and professional manner. As a cost preserver, we are withal inclined to work with your own installation team by providing them with detailed installation diagrams and ordinant dictations in the event a self-install is preferred.

Post Install Analysis

A cellular signal vigor evaluation will be conducted and a propagation report provided following system configuration and commence-up, and a final walkthrough will be provided assuring consummate customer gratification prior to signing off on the project.

Carrier Cognations

Cell phone signal booster works proximately with the cellular carriers to assure you’re in building cellular solution leaves you with the highest caliber of customer contentment while maintaining the integrity of the carrier's macro network. All utilized are FCC approved.

Perpetual Maintenance Program

We offer a system maintenance option to assure your system perpetuates to perform at its maximum potential in an ever transmuting wireless environment.

generation of smart phones
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The new thousand years carried with it the development of integrated cameras, 3G/GPRS/EDGE systems and cell phones, and also the last scattering of analog cellular networking for computerized organizing.


To begin with Bluetooth Phone:


The Ericsson T36 acquainted Bluetooth innovation with the cell world, accordingly permitting shoppers to remotely interface their telephones to their PCs. The Phone additionally offered overall network through 900/1800/1900-band GSM, voice acknowledgment innovation, and Air calendar, an instrument that permitted shoppers to get ongoing overhauls to their timetable or contacts envelope.


To begin with BlackBerry Smartphone:


Tired of making PDAs, Research in Motion (RIM) at long last drove in 2002 with the arrival of the BlackBerry 5810. It was the primary BlackBerry PDA to highlight cell network. Working with a GSM network, the BlackBerry 5810 permitted clients to send messages, sort out their information and plan notices. Tragically, it needs a speaker and a receiver, which means a headset was required to utilize it.


To begin with Camera Phone:


The Sanyo SCP-5300 expelled the need to purchase a Kodak, as it was the principal cell gadget to highlight a coordinated camera with a devoted preview catch. Tragically, it was constrained to a 640x480 resolution, 4x digital zoom and 3-foot extend. In any case, clients of the telephone could snap photographs in a hurry and afterward later transfer them to their PC utilizing a packaged programming suite.


In the first place Ultra-Thin Phone:


Before the arrival of the Motorola RAZR v3 in 2004, telephones had a tendency to be huge and massive. The RAZR changed this with its ludicrously thin, 14mm-thick casing of flying machine review aluminium. Different highlights incorporated an inner reception apparatus, a synthetically carved keypad, and blue backdrop illumination. It was, generally, the first cell Phone booster worked to give awesome usefulness, as well as ooze style and polish.


Apple iPhone:


At the point when Apple entered the cell business in 2007, everything changed. Apple supplanted the console and keypad with a multi-touch touchscreen show that permitted clients to feel as though they were physically controlling information with their fingers: clicking links, extending/contracting photographs and flipping through collections. Additionally, it brought the primary ever completely highlighted stage to Cell Phones. It was as though they took a PC working framework and squished it into a small telephone.


The Modern Day And Beyond:


It's just been a long time since the turn of the decade but mobile phone antenna technology has officially developed rapidly. 4G innovation is on the ascent, the iPhone is in its fifth cycle and the top cell phones can record full 1080p video, playback undeniable motion pictures and fill in as a versatile hotspot for different gadgets. The fate of phones remains a secret, yet one thing is for sure: it will be astounding!

4G LTE and Internet Of Things (IOT) complements each other so well, it leads to some spectacular future in communication technology
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The following fight subject on innovative digital area market-share will be decided by using long Term Evolution (LTE) on 4G, internet protocol version six (IPv6) and Internet of Things (IoT). Our world at present has grown to be smarter. With LTE, the brand new life is here with digital reality (VR) abilities.

4G- LTE:

Get ready – the killer digital applications are here to thoroughly alternate our lives. It’s an entire new dawn of digital potentialities for the best expertise in information-intensive functions, gaming, video and VR. With the global population development inching to the brink of 8billion (now 7.5billion), the subsequent new release management within the digital community provider arena will be outlined by using the progressive capability of the providers and with the aid of extension, gadget producers, to take expertise and manage of the substantial opportunities furnished via LTE on 4G.
The bottom line to the enrichment of our lives is: ‘who will furnish us with essentially the most enough digital carriers’? LTE 4G is seen as the new release-subsequent accelerator to 5G networks and holds the digital promise to give enormous client experience, monumental pleasure, and perfect satisfaction to shoppers at a ultra-high pace like in no way before.
These needs for clever-way-of-existence are currently propelled by means of two principal causes: particularly IPv6 (internet Protocol variant 6) and the IoT (Internet of Things and the whole lot). The ideal intention is the attainment of excessive best of recent offerings at the speed of suggestion!

Additionally, IPv6 meets a couple of predominant standards for using IoT progress. It has an open and scalable architecture. It exists today and is being adopted for mobile networks and applications at an accelerating price. It provides the approach to installation both centralized networks (intranets) and distributed networks (web). It might manage all forms of traffic. Its nature conforms to most if no longer all to be had enterprise usual network hyperlinks. Open standardization techniques exist at established bodies.
This discipline’s expertise has been researched through exploring progressive forms of interactions akin to knowledge and intelligence distribution; multi-protocol interoperability with and among heterogeneous contraptions; use of identifiers in conjunction with IoT instruments and IPv6.
To have LTE-carrier, a new purchaser will require and ensure the next: be in a 4G LTE place, get an LTE enabled handset/MiFi router, purchase a 4G LTE sim card at revenue outlet (Gloworld, Glozones, Retail sales), register the LTE sim and purchase a 4G LTE plan. Similar approaches follow to present GLO shoppers. However additionally, they'll have got to swap the prevailing 2G/3G to 4G LTE sim card. Eventually, GLO- MNP patron requirement for LTE may even include finishing the port in the method addition to pre-current strategies.
Emerging facts divulge that in these days on hand LTE chipsets and modules are designed with elements and functionalities for superb and sustainable purchase experience. They're strategically developed for laptop-to-computer (M2M) and an internet of matters (IoT) enabled instruments.
Future fees:

LTE presents an economic system of scale and possibility to patrons and service providers, in view that according to Kimberly Tassin, of Sequans Communications, LTE in this regard is 2 or 3 times more effective than 3G; and 20 instances extra effective than 2G. One analyst has estimated that knowledge costing a buck to send over a 2G network can also be sent over an LTE network for a mere five cents. This rate advantage is sure to benefit new and existing purchasers of LTE-enabled Networks in the longer term. The flat all-inclusive nature of LTE’s all-IP architecture makes it perfect for IoT applications. Additionally, LTE presents constructed-in protection along with potent and scalable visitor’s management capabilities; however, the major driver for LTE within the IoT is monetary. Considering that LTE is tremendously more spectrally-efficient than 2G or 3G, transporting information over a 4G LTE network can be performed at a much diminish cost per bit.
Going ahead, it makes fiscal sense to port into the 4G-LTE science domains and expecting benefits to industry, education, government, enjoyment, protection, research, wellbeing and healthcare delivery, finance, manufacturing, advertising and marketing, innovation and plenty of more



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So what is going to we have a tendency to assume from 5G? Good, 2 matters are certain. 5G can bring unexampled network speeds, 1000 times quicker than 4G, and it is going to present the wireless property to the billions of gadgets which are anticipated to emerge with the aid of 2020.

The distinguishing feature of the 5G technology is its terribly high transmission frequency to provide exaggerated network velocity. In an extraordinarily average 5G community, abilities can journey at twenty-eight or thirty-eight premiums, compared to the reward norm of 2.6 GHz. The higher the band in use, the faster is that the community space and capability. Nonetheless, there’s a drawback to victimize greater frequencies.

A usual 5G base station will ship its signal no any than 250m, per the contemporary reviews, that is around fourfold but a 4G base station. All mobile telephones keep up a correspondence by way of a base station thence its fluctuating is very integral. For the reason that it stands, if we generally tend to switch in these days' 4G base stations with 5G base stations, an itinerant will exclusively ship its sign if a minimum of three replacement devices area unit equipped to repeat its transmission on the approach.

Rather of victimization, this hop-by using-hop transfer of capabilities, that is not long-established in itinerant networks, the opposite costlier approach is to install further 5G base stations to completely cool a given area. Either manner, many transmitters in our environment can expand vastly as soon as 5G science is increased. After you deliver the enormously-anticipated fifty billion extra contraptions into this already dense photo, we're going to finally have a colossal variety of instruments human action at the same time in shut proximity.

Will there be outcomes on human wellbeing?

This exaggerated variety of verbal exchange gadgets wants new evaluation and progress initiatives. As an illustration, if many devices are sending along, we want innovative procedures to discontinue them from busy with one an extra.

Some issues that don't seem to be immediately related to the communiqué technological know-how conjointly create awareness-grabbing challenges and opportunities. As an illustration, we present for the exaggerated electricity demand as soon as countless new devices are part of the 5G community? The idea of "harvesting" power from the atmosphere and Wi-Fi transmissions is one component that's being explored at the immediate.

From New Zealand’s point of view, 5G may well be instrumental in addressing the scattered mobile property issues across the nation. Its capacity to permit device-to-device conversation means that devices might alternate knowledge whilst not longing the backside station. This direct communiqué between cell telephones is well matched for carefully inhabited rural areas, at any place fitting new base stations is economically unworkable.

However probably the largest considerations relate to, nonetheless, the exaggerated variety of transmitters (and hence their transmissions) can affect human welfare. Many studies, as good as one through Massey’s Telecommunication and community Engineering analysis cluster, area unit at this time investigation the effect of 5G networks on human bodies. Till the findings area unit in, it can be troublesome to see the result of those questionable millimetre-wave transmissions on human well-being.

We Boost 473120 eqo cell phone signal booster
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Here is the most awaited answer to this frequently asked question. We Boost, formerly Wilson Electronics, announced the release of the new We Boost 473120 eqo cell phone signal booster, which is the first plug and play signal booster that does not require an external antenna.


The system is designed in such a way that it takes less than a minute to be set up and automatically starts boosting signal up to 1200 sq. ft. inside of the home or office, for up to 32x better signal. The eqo will boost all networks from all carriers (except Spring 4G LTE), so you'll have much better voice calls and exponentially faster data speeds.

We boost Eqo Signal Booster

The eqo is made up of two units, one unit to sit in the window and receive the cell signal from the outside, and one unit to sit inside of the home or office and broadcast the boosted signal to the inside area. These units are connected by a thin, flexible cable to pass the signal between the two.


The We Boost eqo adjusts automatically to the outside signal strength to create the best possible coverage inside, and thus automatically reacts to changes to the existing outside signal, by either increasing or decreasing the boosting power accordingly, so it is truly a plug and play device.


Unlike past booster systems which have had a more industrial look and feel, the We Boost eqo signal booster has been designed from the ground up for a sleek, modern aesthetic that one would not be embarrassed to have it at home.


As always, the size of the total area of boosted signal inside is determined by the existing outside signal strength, so the stronger the initial signal in the window where you plan to locate the window unit, the larger the area of boosted signal inside. If you'd like to use an external antenna with the We Boost eqo, there is an external antenna port, which if used, will disable the external antenna built into the window unit.



Safe Space II- A Shield protecting you from EMF Toxins
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Safe Space II, a 1-inch disc provides a seven-foot circle of protection, shielding you from the toxic effects of electromagnetic fields, Wi-Fi, Geopathic stress zones and other forms of environmental stress. You can use it while traveling as well as its ideal for work situations and other Wi-Fi saturated environments.

Keeping protection close:

When you keep the Safe Space II in your pocket, it provides an extra layer of personal protection against EMFs that can affect the way you think and feel. Highly disruptive energy fields from cell phones and towers, high-voltage power lines, microwaves and other appliances, electric current and even the earth can cause a variety of health issues, from lack of energy to DNA damage.

The protective field from the SafeSpace II is set up around your body and it reduces the toxic effects of harmful electromagnetic energies and a host of other ambient threats. By keeping your body’s subtle energy and electrical system in balance, it helps you stay energized and strong throughout the day.

Stay protected around:

•    Computers and laptops

•    Wi-Fi in environments

•    Smart Meters

•    Airline travel… counters jet lag

•    Cars, trucks, scooters, motorcycles and more

How does it work, exactly?

The Safe Space II is permanently imprinted with a vibration program encoded with specific frequencies to radiate a powerful field that protects you from the toxic effects of EMFs. A very stable imprinted program cannot be weakened, altered or neutralized. It is handy so you can wear it, carry it in your pocket or purse, or use it as a keychain. It has an effective protection against EMF from Wi-Fi signal helps you use your computer or tablet with ease.

Try the Safe Space II RISK-FREE for 30 days:

We guarantee you that our Safe Space products come with a 30-day money back offer. If you're not satisfied with the product, feel free to return it to us within 30 days for a full refund.



weBoost Drive 4G-X + Marine Essentials Kit - 470510-M
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  • Boosts Talk, Text and 4G LTE Data

  • For boats and yachts

  • Pro model: Up to 60% More Range

  • Works on ALL phones with ALL carriers

  • Up to +50 dB Gain




  • weBoost's most powerful 4G car cell phone signal booster

  • Boosts 4G LTE & 3G for multiple people in a boat or yacht.

  • For multiple users (up to 4 people)

  • Enhances talk, text, and high-speed 4G LTE internet

  • Maximum uplink power for wider range and faster uploads

  • Professional grade

  • Works on ALL phones with ALL carriers indoors

The Drive 4G-X amplifier wirelessly enhances cell signals up to four devices (smartphones, tablets, Kindle, etc). With over 40 years of industry-leading telecom experience, weBoost has been solving frustrating cell phone reception problems with FCC-certified signal boosters for weak signal areas in the city or remote, rural areas.

For the professional or power user on the waters needing a reliable signal for talk & text and high-speed 4G LTE internet. You can't deal with another dropped call while sailing. Everyone sounds like they're at the bottom of the ocean. Text messages get stuck and unsent. Emails are slow to update. Internet moves slower than a snail.

With this signal booster, get better talk & text and fast internet on the road. Perfect for people needing fast uploads and downloads for streaming apps such as Google Chrome, Safari browser, YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, and other data-heavy apps.

This is a professional grade model with maximium outpower power that provides up to 60% more reach from the cell tower to your phone than other car cell phone signal boosters. This is the absolute best 4G vehicle model weBoost provides. Get ready for dependable calls, connections, and fast internet speeds.

The weBoost 470510 Drive 4G-X amplifies talk & text, 3G, and 4G LTE for all major carrier networks except WiMax and iDen.

  • All US carriers (4G LTE & 3G): AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Leap Wireless, C Spire, MetroPCS, etc.

  • All Canadian carriers (4G LTE & 3G): Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, Wind, etc.

  • Frequencies: 700Mhz, 800Mhz, 1900Mhz, and AWS 1700/2100Mhz.


It works by pulling in the existing weak signal with the high-gain 4G Marine antenna, amplifying it multiple times with weBoost’s patented SmarTech technology. The enhanced signal strength redirects to your vehicle.

Straight from the cell tower to your phone. Clear calls, faster internet, better reception, and longer battery life.


Innovations in DAS Tags: das and cell phone booster DAS vs Cell phone booster DAS Vs cell phone repeater DAS vs Cellular signal booster


DAS technology has been around for more than 20 years. But now, the need to do more with fewer assets is driving innovation in DASs and optical networks. DAS solutions not only address the need for small-cell delivery, they also address efficient small-cell backhaul. Mobile operators are anxious to implement the latest DAS and fiber technologies to create leaner, more cost-effective deployments. 


By digitizing the signal on the fiber, the DAS can transport the mobile signal at full strength to any remote antenna connected, no matter how far away it is from the main hub and base station. This is in contrast to older, analog systems that transported RF signals over coaxial cabling and whose performance diminished in proportion to the distance of the remote antenna from the main hub.


To avoid having to build out a whole new fiber network for a DAS, service providers can partner with wireline carriers to piggyback DAS traffic on an existing fiber-to-the-x (FTTx) installation. Wireline carriers can participate in this model most easily by offering “a la carte” services to the wireless service provider that provide access to fiber, offer optical efficiencies, or provide leased physical space for the network infrastructure and gear. 

The fiber in an FTTx network typically originates in a serving office with great access to necessary facilities to host or “hotel” BTS resources. Access to electrical, backhaul, HVAC, and, importantly, fiber to the remote nodes creates an environment where the wireline operator can lease space, eliminating the need for the wireless operator to develop a new site to locate the BTS resources. The wireline operator then has the fiber from this serving office running deep into the network serving its FTTx investment.

To overlay a DAS on an FTTx network, the wireline carrier can:

• Monetize spare or dark fibers that may be available as reserved for spares or expansion of the wireline network

• Use optical splitters that link the wireless signal from the basestation to the FTTx network for distribution to the remote units

• Offer wavelength services where dark fibers are not available

• Speed time-to-market by using existing fiber assets to take advantage of zoning approvals already completed

• Utilize space within a central office, basement, enclosure, or hut to house wireless carrier basestations that will provide the signals for the DAS.

• Utilize common backhaul, power, and HVAC to minimize cost and environmental impact

• Minimize time-to-service with easy-to-zone, non-aesthetically disruptive solutions overlaid on the existing infrastructure and real estate



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